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Yeast Infections in Men

By Kristel Valverde

Candida albicansAlthough it is more common in women, men are not exempt from yeast infections.  Girls can easily tell when they are suffering from a yeast infection because the symptoms are a lot more noticeable, starting with the itching.  However, men may go sometime with a yeast infection and will only realize they have one once it begins to trigger other health problems in them.

In couples, the woman has the responsibility to let their significant other know that they are going through a yeast infection.  In this scenario, chances will be that he will also get it. Any doctor will probably prescribe a treatment to fight the fungus in the vaginal yeast infection and advise that the man takes the medication too to avoid the infection appearing again on the woman. Other doctors believe that men are not prone to have yeast infections.

Besides having a yeast infection, men are threatened to have a buildup of additional health conditions from yeast. Through intercourse, the male is in risk of getting [click to continue…]


Garlic is just one home treatment for yeastYou’ll be surprised at what a wealth of materials you’ve got out there in your kitchen. Having a miniscule amount of knowledge the herbs and seasoning in your cupboards can effortlessly come to be a mini medical kit. The micro organisms Candida Albicans, brings about yeast infections. It really is worth noting that hall remedies are extremely effective against these micro organisms.

Each world being about the planet has Candida present in and on their bodies in varying concentrations. When the Candida levels rise as a result of changing ailments inside the body this can lead to yeast infections. A poor diet or even a transform within the pH balance of the body is usually the trigger that will cause the Candida to grow. Other aspects include a greater wasting disease of straightforward carbohydrates and sugars, i.e. cakes and pastries, hormonal degree changes, a course of antibiotics,or any harm to the immune system. A yeast virus brought on by any with the previous triggers will result in itching and burning sensations in the impacted places, often accompanied by a clear or colored discharge.

Even though a quantity of products and solutions are commercially obtainable to guide ease the discomfort brought by yeast virus, you may find these solutions a tiny high priced or purchasing them will be pretty inconvenient or you will need the take over this instant. Also, there may possibly be a chance that the fungi develop a resistance to commercially available medicines. [click to continue…]


Vaginal Infection – Causes

InsomniaVaginal infection  can be explained by many causes.

  • Yeast infection may refers to vaginal inflammation that’s due to chemical irritants or allergies. Spermicides, douches, detergents, fabric softeners, and latex condoms can all irritate the vaginal tunnel. Finally, some sanitary napkins can cause irritation to the vagina.
  • Atrophic vaginitis may occur with menopause. This yeast infection is caused by the decrease in hormone (oestrogen) levels that cause thinning of the vaginal wall. The vagina is more prone to irritation.
  • Infectious vaginitis is caused by infection with bacterium or yeasts. Trichomoniasis is a type of yeast infection that is spread by sexual intercourse. Other types of vaginal infections occur when a woman has an abnormal (called fistula) connecting the intestine to the vagina. This conduit allows stool to enter the vagina, creating a vaginal infection. [click to continue…]

Candidiasis In Toddlers

A number of people are just not aware of candidiasis in toddlers. In fact if your child suffers from a problem with no obvious sign of any usually known problem, there’s a strong possibility that the culprit is thrush. Three common examples of yeast infection among the babies include the nappy rash, rashes on skin and an oral thrush.

Toddlers get yeast infections from several common sourcesThere are several triggers of yeast infection in children. The use of antibiotics is one of the most common triggers and is sometimes administered to the children at regular intervals. Since they have weak immune systems, the young ones are prone to many alternative infirmities and therefore, require antibiotics to aid in recovery. [click to continue…]


Candida Cleanse Diet

Doesn’t a Candida cleanse diet sound strange? But honestly this really is one of the most effective ways of removing the fungus from your system.

The diet for Candida is a three stage course designed to do two things;

  1. Kill off the Candida fungus – foods containing sugar, mold,refined carbohydrates are Candida’s’ best friends. The best method to kill the fungus is to stop feeding it.
  2. Eradicate allergens/sensitivities. Food sensitivities and allergies increase the workload of our immune system and can overwhelm it, giving Candida the perfect invitation to take control within us. Most of us will have no idea about what we are sensitive to, so stage one of this diet for Candida is especially effective at identifying our bad foods.

[click to continue…]


Candida or yeast infections happen when the fungus called Candida Albicans is able to overgrow on your body . You can call it recurrent when it reappears to you at least four times a year despite the treatment . There are several causing factors of yeast infections and it may be that although you are treating it you are not looking for the root cause and so it keeps returning.

Main factors that Cause yeast infections

1)      Tight clothing traps in moisture and keeps the area warm , creating the perfect environment for the infection to multiply in. Synthetic underwear also does the same thing. To avoid this, you should only wear cotton underwear and also other loose natural materials . This will allow the area to breathe as air can circulate . Also, change your underwear as often as possible when you wear wet clothes , such as a bathing suit, you change into something dry as soon as possible.

2)      Diabetics are more prone to the infection because they struggle with high blood sugar levels and the yeast feeds on sugar and grows. [click to continue…]


By the How to Cure Candida TEAM

The Male yeast infection? No it just can’t exist can it. Impossible!

Well actually it does and much more commonly than originally thought. Just so it’s understood though the #1 reason women are much more prone to yeast infections over men is simply how their genitalia was designed. Yeast infections hate oxygen, with our man parts hanging out in the air like that yeast has a hard time getting a foot hold, however once it has or better yet if it is able to then you’ve got some serious issues to think about. I’ll get back to that point in just a minute.

Typically the symptoms of a Male yeast infection include soreness on the tip, itching and burning, redness, blisters and bumps, there may be discharge as well. The direct cause of which is usually linked to condoms that use spermicide, as well as sexual intercourse can be a cause if your partner is battling a yeast infection as well. Besides this, many times the cause is internal due to dietary factors and the use of antibiotics which wipe out all the beneficial bacteria in your body which would otherwise destroy the yeast.

Most topical infections of this nature can be dealt with using anti-fungal creams. Some examples of the ones used are Monistat, Lotrimin and Mycelex. [click to continue…]

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Candida Infections Cured For Life?

By the How to Cure Candida TEAM

Candida and Obesity? 

Anyone who is in the natural health community will tell you that Candida is the most under-diagnosed health problem in the world today. Especially in North America where oddly enough the level of obesity is also skyrocketing, is it any surprise to find that as many as 90% of those who are obese also have Candida. It sounds incredible but it’s true. It’s also true that if these people were to cleanse Candida from their bodies they would immediately lose between 10-20 pounds of weight. Beyond this they would actually keep the weight off and would keep losing more and more.

The question that remains however asks, can Candida infections actually be cured for life? 

The answer is yes but it isn’t that simple. You see trying to treat and eliminate Candida first would be similar to washing your car and then driving down a muddy road. As long as the roads remain muddy there can be no hope of keeping the car clean. You need to take a different road. The same is true with Candida, you need to change the terrain in order to achieve lasting results. [click to continue…]


By the How to Cure Candida TEAM

When it comes to treating fungal infections in the body Natural Candida Therapies come to mind as they focus on the root issues over the obvious symptoms which modern medicine prefers to treat.

It is estimated that 80% of the population have Candida in their bodies and that as many as 90% are completely unaware of this. If you have attempted to use natural Candida therapies to no avail then you really need to read on and find out about what they have all been doing wrong. There are two main ways of treating Candida. The modern medical way using drugs and the natural way using various therapies and diet as their cornerstones.

Let’s take a look at each of them with the pros and the cons respectively in how they deal with Candida: [click to continue…]